6 Perfect Virtual Storage Solutions

If you and your company are already tired of paper documents, the constant chaos and risk associated with them, virtual storage is the easiest and fastest option that will help solve most of your problems. In this article, we’ll review the 6 best cloud storage providers and give them a fair assessment so you can choose your ideal provider with the best terms for you.

iDrive Cloud Storage – Review

iDrive is currently considered the best offering on the market. It can store your information both in the cloud and on network drives. Its interface can seem quite familiar, once you look at it you will already know what to do. The repository allows you to share your SMS via email, Facebook, and Twitter. It will be good news for all users who value caution that files you delete from your PC are not deleted from the repository.

If you edit your document, up to 30 previous versions of the document remain in the repository, and the server administrators back up all the PCs connected to them through a single network.

pCloud cloud storage – Overview

The pCloud is a cloud storage service that offers a perpetual subscription, unlimited remote downloading, and a simple interface, but its downloading terms are limited, 500 GB for premium traffic, and TP for premium plus monthly. However, there is no file size limit on the space, so you can download anything, any size. You can also choose in which data center you want your information to be stored: EU or USA and you can pay an extra $5 for encryption of individual files.

Backblaze Cloud Storage – Overview

Backblaze is a pretty interesting cloud storage option, it caters to both individual users and large business companies while meeting their backup needs. But that’s all it has to offer, it doesn’t have any additional features. It is the only virtual storage in this review that provides unlimited storage and no strings attached.

Backblaze has great pricing and long-term subscription options, it also has a tempting offer in the form of using the storage for an entire year for free if you sign up for Express VPN, but if you’re not interested, a one-year subscription costs $60.

Icedrive Cloud Storage – Overview

Icedrive is a little different than the traditional cloud storage you’re used to hearing about. It is a drive, like a hard drive embedded in your computer, and its main feature is that it makes its storage easier and easier to use.

You can open and edit files in this space, and security is something that Icedrive boasts. The storage uses strong two-channel encryption for your data, but what it lacks are collaboration features.

NordLocker Cloud Storage – Overview

The name may sound familiar because it comes from the well-known NordVPN. The space is pretty simple but effective, it has a free version and provides 3GB of storage. If you need more space you can subscribe to it and get 500GB of space and 2 TP. The prices are quite loyal and you only have to pay $4 for a year subscription.

NordLocker allows you to sync and share files via its space and also provides file encryption.

Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage – Overview

The last of the virtual storage solutions in this review is Microsoft OneDrive. Its benefits are that it is integrated with current Microsoft and Outlook programs. The space is well compatible with Windows 10 and mobile offerings, but the space is much less than you’d like to see – only 5GB, but you can increase it to 100GB for a little extra.