Tips & Tricks for Successful Meeting Planning with Board Portals

You can use many alternative solutions to improve the quality of your board meetings. This article will provide helpful tips and tricks for arranging productive online board events.

Board portals for better meeting management

Business meetings are the aspect of managerial activity that is often given either too much or too little attention. A meeting is the most effective means of exchanging views when properly organized and conducted. It is also a powerful method for making decisions, implementing organizational change, and developing team spirit. However, a poorly organized and conducted meeting is equivalent to a waste of time and resources and has a demoralizing effect on its participants.

In this situation, modern companies strive to automate preparation procedures for board meetings. However, in today’s world, the productivity of meetings depends, among other things, on the participation of remote employees. That’s why many CEOs agree that investing in a decent platform with screen sharing and video calling features is essential.

For this purpose, they implement full-packed board portal solutions. The purpose of using board software is to have the same understanding of the goals of the meeting for all participants and prepare and become familiar with all the necessary information. Therefore, they should be in the joint information workspace because it will allow them to understand the context of the discussion without asking or clarifying. 

Tips & tricks for using board software in the board meeting preparation

The preparatory stage of the board meeting implies two main steps:

  • Setting goals and inviting participants

Most board meetings are held to exchange views or solve strategic issues. Even in cases where the objectives of the meeting may be obvious to you as the organizer and leader, they should be clearly articulated and shared with all participants. Remember that your goals may remain incomprehensible and even ambiguous for subordinates. Do not forget to inform the participants in advance of the date and time of the meeting, the agenda, and the planned decision-making algorithm.

  • Agenda planning

An agenda that gives the participants the general direction of the meeting remains an effective way to control discussion, even in an informal research meeting. The agenda should set out the objectives of the meeting for the participants and outline the limits within which the discussion can remain productive. Moreover, by providing the participants with the agenda in advance, the leader encourages them to prepare for the meeting.

With the board management software, these activities can be automated and optimized. Following, quality and simplified board meeting organization in the board portal solution means:

  • The meeting is planned in the system: the agenda is immediately formed, and the venue and time of the participants are booked.
  • If necessary, the agenda is agreed upon within the framework of the company’s regulations and adjusted.
  • All interested persons are notified in advance of the time and place of the meeting and can also familiarize themselves with the agenda.
  • The meeting minutes are generated automatically based on the template, while some data is filled in.
  • The secretary fixes the decisions made immediately in the protocol in the system and sends them for approval within the framework of the company’s regulations.

In addition, a set of pre-built templates and easy-to-use reporting tools provide timely updates to management on project progress. Using timesheets, employees can quickly enter data on the progress of tasks, save them, and, under regulations, periodically send them to the manager